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Service and Technical Support

Shanghai Advanced Avionics Co., Ltd. is capable of providing sample but with deposit. The deposit would be paid back according to the status of the returned sample. And purchasers should pay the freight. Spare parts are prepared in terms of order quantity. Standard product can be delivered within one month, while customized products offer varied delivery cycle and price.

Our products all have a one year guarantee period and additional fees are needed to prolong the guarantee period. In the guarantee period, we mainly offer product repairing and maintenance service. The installation fee varies with the category and type of product. While offering product installation service, we also offer product usage training service, free of charge. If clients require additional training, an extra fee is collected.

Main Products
    1. AIS, Automatic Identification SystemAWAIS-1 AIS is a widely used automatic identification system on ships, complying with the AIS Class-A standards specified by IMO, IALA and ITU. The automatic identification system integrates the capabilities of navigation information collection, RF transmission and reception, and electronic charting system. It divides the time into frames and then into slots, according to the self-organized time division multiple address technology, or simply SOTDMA technology. Each AIS station automatically selects a free slot to transmit information through a VHF transmitter. After receiving the messages, a shipborne or on shore AIS station shows the message on a display.
    1. Marine Fisheries Communication TerminalAWBDTS-1 marine fisheries communication terminal refers to a piece of satellite navigation and communication equipment specifically designed for maritime applications. Designed with a built-in GPS module and a built-in Beidou satellite navigation module, the communication equipment supports both GPS and satellite positioning functions.
      The marine fisheries communication terminal provides functionalities of GPS positioning, BeiDou satellite positioning, BeiDou satellite communication, etc. It can receive signals from 6 beams of 3 satellites.