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    1. AIS, Automatic Identification System AWAIS-1 AIS is a widely used automatic identification system on ships, complying with the AIS Class-A standards specified by IMO, IALA and ITU. The automatic identification system integrates the capabilities of navigation information collection, RF transmission and reception, and electronic charting system. It divides the time into frames and then into slots ...
    1. AIS Aids to Navigation SystemAIS aids to navigation system is also simply called AIS AtoN. It is our newly developed aids to navigation system based on the AIS network. The AIS AtoN is capable of controlling light and broadcasting information of weather, geographical and hydrographical conditions when used on the buoy and lighthouse.
    1. ECS Electronic Chart SystemThe AWENA-1 electronic chart system is an intelligent navigation device. It is a comprehensive combination of vessel collision avoidance system and ENC database in line with IHO S-57 standard. The colors, symbols and layers of the electronic chart all conform to IHO S-52 standard. The ECS complies with Class A Vessel Operation, Performance and Test Requirements ...
    1. AIS-B 600 AIS Transponder AIS-B 600 AIS transponder is capable of displaying information of not only the vessel on which it is installed, but also adjacent vessels. It can also provide audio alarms with 3 levels of alarming distance to avoid vessel collisions. It comes with emergency alarm as well. GPS positioning function and easy operated keyboard is offered by our product while the average power consumption of the AIS ...
    1. AIS-B 800 AIS Transponder AIS-B 800 AIS Transponder is an automatic device capable of positioning, alarming, and providing navigation and communication. Apart from the basic AIS and GPS function, the AIS transponder can achieve waypoint navigation, voyage planning and ECS display. In addition, there is a great alarming system on the AIS transponder, including dragging of anchor alarm, off-course alarm, arrival alarm ...
    1. Marine Fisheries Communication TerminalAWBDTS-1 marine fisheries communication terminal refers to a piece of satellite navigation and communication equipment specifically designed for maritime applications. Designed with a built-in GPS module and a built-in Beidou satellite navigation module, the communication equipment supports both GPS and satellite positioning functions.
    1. AIS Vessel Collision Avoidance SystemIn addition to the basic navigation and collision avoidance functions, the AIS vessel collision avoidance system provides audio and visual alarms as well. It also supports marker operations, voyage tracks and waypoints recording and voyage planning function.
      In addition to above, the vessel collision avoidance system can also display the total number ...
    1. AIS Search and Rescue Transponder When there is a vessel distress, the AIS search and rescue transponder can use GPS module to locate the disaster position and automatically transmit the location and ship information to other AIS device around. The wireless communication has adopted GMSK modulation and TDMA technique with an embedded processing platform.
  • NDB-200G Non-Directional BeaconThe NDB-200G non-directional beacon is a kind of medium frequency radio navigation equipment. It can be installed in airport, airway, and maritime or land oil platform, used as a navigation aid. Meanwhile, our non-directional beacon is designed with alarming system, automatic equipment switch and remote control functions. In the beacon, the antenna is automatically tuned.
  • NDB-500 Non-Directional BeaconAs a kind of medium frequency radio navigation equipment, the NDB-500 non-directional beacon can be used as a navigation aid in airport, airway, and maritime or land oil platform. It is mainly composed of three components that are the main unit, automatic antenna tuner and remote control unit.
  • Marker BeaconMB-1 marker beacon is a piece of ground radio navigation equipment manufactured using full solid-state technology. It is primarily used in airports and airways, providing a fixed beacon for airplanes entering airports or flying pass airways. The marker beacon has two identical channels in one unit to provide mutual backup.
  • Central Monitoring Wireless Remote Control SystemThe central monitoring wireless remote control system supports both wired and wireless transmission and the maximum transmission distance is up to 15km. Its data transmission system has a strong immunity to interferences due to adoption of error correction codes and FSK modulation method.

Shanghai Advanced Avionics Company Ltd. is a marine communication equipment and aviation communication equipment manufacturer in China. Our main products include automatic identification system, electronic chart system, AIS aids to navigation system, AIS transponder, non-directional beacon, and marker beacon. Following are some function introductions on some of our products.

Our AIS-B-600 AIS transponder is capable of gaining navigation information from ships with AIS system. Therefore, it can improve the sailing efficiency, decrease the shipping accident, and guarantee the lives and property. Our AWATON-400 AIS transponder is built in the navigation light to provide the ship and Bureau of Lighthouse Authority with information including the type, name, position, opening status, working current, voltage and error of the navigation light. Additionally, the navigation light can directly use the light power without any more components.

Our HX-800 vessel collision avoidance system is an AIS wireless communication and navigation product. It has combined information processing system, wireless data transmission system and electronic chart system together to achieve collision avoidance, information exchange and harbor management.

AWBDT-1 marine fisheries communication terminal is a Beidou satellite navigation and communication device specially designed for marine usage. With the built-in GPS and Beidou satellite navigation component, it can achieve GPS positioning, Beidou satellite positioning and Beidou satellite communication. Therefore, it can be applied to navigate, alert, search and rescue.

Our AtoN is a new kind of aids to navigation system based on the AIS network. It is mainly used to manage lighting on buoy and beacon, and broadcast information of weather, and ripple, etc. Our AWATON-300 AIS aids to navigation system, complying with the A-126 standard of IMO, has provided multiple serial interfaces to control the peripheral equipment and can be charged with the typical navigation power unit through the 12V DC power supply.