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    1. AIS, Automatic Identification SystemAWAIS-1 AIS is a widely used automatic identification system on ships, complying with the AIS Class-A standards specified by IMO, IALA and ITU. The automatic identification system integrates the capabilities of navigation information collection, RF transmission and reception, and electronic charting system. It divides the time into frames and then into slots, according to the self-organized time division multiple address technology, or simply SOTDMA technology. Each AIS station automatically selects a free slot to transmit information through a VHF transmitter. After receiving the messages, a shipborne or on shore AIS station shows the message on a display.
    1. AIS-B 600 AIS TransponderAIS-B 600 AIS transponder is capable of displaying information of not only the vessel on which it is installed, but also adjacent vessels. It can also provide audio alarms with 3 levels of alarming distance to avoid vessel collisions. It comes with emergency alarm as well. GPS positioning function and easy operated keyboard is offered by our product while the average power consumption of the AIS transponder is less than 6W. The main unit for the AIS transponder has a compact structured shell, is tightly sealed and is capable of long term operation in stringent environments. Meanwhile, it features small size and light weight, making it convenient for installation and maintenance.