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Shanghai Advanced Avionics Company Ltd.

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Postal code: 200233

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Main Products
    1. Marine Fisheries Communication TerminalAWBDTS-1 marine fisheries communication terminal refers to a piece of satellite navigation and communication equipment specifically designed for maritime applications. Designed with a built-in GPS module and a built-in Beidou satellite navigation module, the communication equipment supports both GPS and satellite positioning functions.
      The marine fisheries communication terminal provides functionalities of GPS positioning, BeiDou satellite positioning, BeiDou satellite communication, etc. It can receive signals from 6 beams of 3 satellites.
    1. AIS Vessel Collision Avoidance SystemIn addition to the basic navigation and collision avoidance functions, the AIS vessel collision avoidance system provides audio and visual alarms as well. It also supports marker operations, voyage tracks and waypoints recording and voyage planning function.
      In addition to above, the vessel collision avoidance system can also display the total number of received vessels and related information in a list. The communication is achieved via CSTDMA or SOTDMA protocols, which can be switched according to the base station command. The compact and light weight vessel collision avoidance system also has ports for interfacing Beidou satellite equipment.