Marker Beacon

MB-1 marker beacon is a piece of ground radio navigation equipment manufactured using full solid-state technology. It is primarily used in airports and airways, providing a fixed beacon for airplanes entering airports or flying pass airways. The marker beacon has two identical channels in one unit to provide mutual backup. And the switch between the two channels can be achieved automatically, and the working time can be recorded.

Meanwhile, our marker beacon is able to achieve remote control and monitoring through a two-wire connection over a distance of more than 10km. It also provides unattended data line failure indication, audio and visual alarm, and self-lock capability. The RF output power of the marker beacon ranges from 0 to 2.5W. The continuously adjustable output RF power enables the marker beacon to simply and accurately adjust its coverage range, thus satisfying the instillation and operation requirements of inner, middle and outer marker beacon stations.

Additionally, there is a continuous monitoring on the primary parameters of the equipment to guarantee the normal working status. The marker beacon's technical performance meets the applicable requirements of ICAO Annex 10. And our MB-1 marker beacon has received Air Traffic Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Equipment for Civil Aviation Deployment License from the Air Traffic Management Bureau of CAAC.

Specifications of Marker Beacon

Main unit operation temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃
Antenna system operation temperature -45℃ ~ +70℃
Main unit sizes 535mm×350mm×153mm
Main unit weight 13kg
Operating frequency 75.000MHz
Frequency stability ±50×10-6
RF output power 0~2.5W
Power mode AC/DC dual power supply with switching regulator. Support over-voltage and over-current protection.
AC 220V±15%, current < 0.4A
DC 24V, current < 1.5A

Advanced Avionics is a professional marker beacon manufacturer based in China. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including non-directional beacon, AIS aids to navigation system, AIS transponder, among others.

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