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  • NDB-200G Non-Directional BeaconThe NDB-200G non-directional beacon is a kind of medium frequency radio navigation equipment. It can be installed in airport, airway, and maritime or land oil platform, used as a navigation aid. Meanwhile, our non-directional beacon is designed with alarming system, automatic equipment switch and remote control functions. In the beacon, the antenna is automatically tuned.
  • NDB-500 Non-Directional BeaconAs a kind of medium frequency radio navigation equipment, the NDB-500 non-directional beacon can be used as a navigation aid in airport, airway, and maritime or land oil platform. It is mainly composed of three components that are the main unit, automatic antenna tuner and remote control unit.

Non-Directional Beacon

We can offer non-directional beacon in models such as NDB-50, NDB-200, and NDB-500. Our non-directional beacon refers to a kind of radio navigation equipment designed based on full solid-state technology. It conforms to applicable requirements in Annex 10 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation. It can be widely installed in airport, airway, maritime or land oil platform, vehicle, vessels and ground equipment, to provide position and navigation information to airplanes.

The non-directional beacon products are manufactured under ISO9001 quality management system standard, and have received Air Traffic Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Equipment for Civil Aviation Deployment License from the Air Traffic Management Bureau of CAAC.

As a professional non-directional beacon manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides marker beacon, central monitoring wireless remote control system, marine fisheries communication terminal, and more.

Other Products
  • Marker BeaconMB-1 marker beacon is a piece of ground radio navigation equipment manufactured using full solid-state technology. It is primarily used in airports and airways, providing a fixed beacon for airplanes entering airports or flying pass airways. The marker beacon has two identical channels in one unit to provide mutual backup.
  • Central Monitoring Wireless Remote Control SystemThe central monitoring wireless remote control system supports both wired and wireless transmission and the maximum transmission distance is up to 15km. Its data transmission system has a strong immunity to interferences due to adoption of error correction codes and FSK modulation method.