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AIS Search and Rescue Transponder

When there is a vessel distress, the AIS search and rescue transponder can use GPS module to locate the disaster position and automatically transmit the location and ship information to other AIS device around. The wireless communication has adopted GMSK modulation and TDMA technique with an embedded processing platform. The AIS search and rescue transponder is designed according to IEC61097-14 and IMO MSC.246 (83) requirements and standards, and is developed based on fully independent intellectual property rights.

Manufactured with compact-sized shell, the main unit of the AIS search and rescue transponder offers reliable sealing and allows the transponder to work reliably under bad maritime environments.

Specifications of AIS Search and Rescue Transponder

Physical TX Channel 1 channel
Operating Band 156.025 MHz ~ 162.025MHz
Default Operating Frequency CH87 161.975 MHz CH88 162.025 MHz
Empirical Communication Range > 5 nautical miles
Channel Bandwidth 25KHz
Modulation GMSK
Data Baud Rate 9600bps ~ 38400bps
Continuous Operation Duration > 96 hours ( -20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ )
Water Resistance > 5 minutes at 10 meters below water
Dropping onto the Water > 20 meters from above water
Operating Temperature -20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Weight 670 g (brackets excluded )
Dimensions 354mm (height), 127mm (max diameter)

Advanced Avionics is a primary AIS search and rescue transponder manufacturer based in China. Our company also provides AIS vessel collision avoidance system, AIS automatic identification system, non-directional beacon, and more.

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