Marine Fisheries Communication Terminal

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Marine Fisheries Communication Terminal

As its name suggests, the AWBDTS-1 marine fisheries communication terminal refers to a piece of satellite navigation and communication equipment specifically designed for maritime applications. Designed with a built-in GPS module and a built-in Beidou satellite navigation module, the communication equipment supports both GPS and satellite positioning functions.

The marine fisheries communication terminal provides functionalities of GPS positioning, BeiDou satellite positioning, BeiDou satellite communication, etc. It can receive signals from 6 beams of 3 satellites. Meanwhile, it can communicate with other communication terminals via short messages. And communication with cell phones is achievable if registered into mobile networks. What is more, the IC card can be installed to the communication equipment conveniently. Complying with the IEC60945 standard, our marine fisheries communication terminal can be well used in maritime environment for positioning navigation, search and rescue, and alarming applications.

Specifications of Marine Fisheries Communication Terminal

TX power 10W
Beidou satellite Positioning Accuracy 20m(1σ) (regions covered by correction stations)
100m(1σ) (regions uncovered by correction stations)
GPS Positioning Accuracy 5~10m(1σ)
Short Messages Capacity 120 Chinese letters per message
Data Interface RS-232
Baud Rate 19200
Power Voltage 12~32V
Power Consumption ≤6W
Operating Temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃

As a professional marine fisheries communication terminal manufacturer and supplier in China, Advanced Avionics also offers AIS aids to navigation system, AIS transponder, marker beacon, central monitoring wireless remote control system, and more.

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