AIS Transponder

AIS Transponder

AIS-B 600 AIS transponder is capable of displaying information of not only the vessel on which it is installed, but also adjacent vessels. It can also provide audio alarms with 3 levels of alarming distance to avoid vessel collisions. It comes with emergency alarm as well. GPS positioning function and easy operated keyboard is offered by our product while the average power consumption of the AIS transponder is less than 6W. The main unit for the AIS transponder has a compact structured shell, is tightly sealed and is capable of long term operation in stringent environments. Meanwhile, it features small size and light weight, making it convenient for installation and maintenance.

Specifications of AIS-B 600 Transponder

TX Channel: 1 ch RX Channels: 2 ch (TDMA1, TDMA2)
Operating Band: 156.025MHz ~ 162.025MHz Operating Channel: CH87B(161.975MHz), CH88B(162.025MHz)
Channel Bandwidth: 25kHz TX Power: ≥ 2W
Modulation: GMSK Data Interface: RS232 / RS422
Data rates: 9600 ~ 38400bps Data Format: comply to IEC61162-2
LCD: 192 × 64 pixes LCD Display Content: own ship info, name and other info of other ships
Alarm events: all ships endangering this ship Power Voltage: DC 9~18V
Size: 222(H) ×145(W) ×58(D)mm Weight: 2.4kg
Comply to IMO A694, MSC 74(69)Annex3, ITU-RM.1371-1, IEC60945, IEC61162-2, IEC62287-1, etc.

Advanced Avionics is a specialized AIS transponder manufacturer based in China. We offer a wide range of products, including marine fisheries communication terminal, electronic chart system, non-directional beacon, vessel collision avoidance system, and more.

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