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ECS Electronic Chart System

The AWENA-1 electronic chart system is an intelligent navigation device. It is a comprehensive combination of vessel collision avoidance system and ENC database in line with IHO S-57 standard. The colors, symbols and layers of the electronic chart all conform to IHO S-52 standard. The ECS complies with Class A Vessel Operation, Performance and Test Requirements, issued by Maritime Safety Administration of China. And it is also compliant with IEC 62376 for ECS, IEC 62288 and IEC 60945.

Our shipborne electronic chart system is capable of showing hydrographic and real time traffic information, and providing comprehensive pictures of the traffic situation in all weather environments. Additionally, the electronic chart system can enhance the water traffic situational awareness and provide an intelligent navigation aid. Similar to IEC 61174 Electronic Chart Display and Information System, it can provide navigation functions, such as position monitoring, route planning, route monitoring, voyage recording and navigation calculations. Meanwhile, our electronic chart system is capable of connecting with other equipment, such as GNSS, AIS, heading sensor, speed and distance measuring equipment, echo sounding equipment, and ARPA radar. And based on AIS and ARPA radar, the electronic chart system can track multi-targets, calculate CPA/TCPA and give alarms.

Our electronic chart system has passed the technical appraisement hosted by Maritime Safety Administration of China. Our project of Development and Application of AWENA-1 ECS has won the second-class award by China Institute of Navigation. Additionally, our electronic chart system is CCS certified.

Specifications of ECS Electronic Chart System

Screen resolution 1280*1024(17' LCD)
ENC Format IHO S-57
Presentation IHO S-52
Interface 4 IEC 61162, 8 IEC 61162 (Opt.), 2 USB
DC Voltage 8V~36 V
Power consumption ≤36 W (With LCD)
Operational Temperature -15℃~55℃

Our company is a professional ECS electronic chart system manufacturer based in China. We provide a variety of products such as AIS transponder, automatic identification system, marine fisheries communication terminal, and non-directional beacon.

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