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AWAIS-1 AIS is a widely used automatic identification system on ships, complying with the AIS Class-A standards specified by IMO, IALA and ITU. The automatic identification system integrates the capabilities of navigation information collection, RF transmission and reception, and electronic charting system. It divides the time into frames and then into slots, according to the self-organized time division multiple address technology, or simply SOTDMA technology. Each AIS station automatically selects a free slot to transmit information through a VHF transmitter. After receiving the messages, a shipborne or on shore AIS station shows the message on a display. An AIS station is also capable of transmitting safety-related messages according to the AIS standards. Thus the automatic identification system bridges the information channel between ships and between ship and shore. It helps to prevent ship collisions, improves vessel traffic safety and provides mechanisms for vessel traffic management.

Our automatic identification system is mainly composed of the main unit and the MKD unit. The AIS main unit can offer functions such as VHF network listening, user data collection, own information broadcasting, vessel safety monitoring, vessel navigation information collection, user data report to PC or MKD, and responding to commands from on-shore base stations. The MKD unit of the automatic identification system ismainly designed for displaying the dynamic, static and voyage-related information of AIS network users. It can also be used for transmitting and receiving short messages, configuring the main unit and performing simple ECS functions.

Main Unit for the Automatic Identification System
The AIS main unit conforms to AIS Class-A shipborne equipment standards, and has a full support to AIS functions. Meanwhile, it can set up an automatic connection to the AIS VHF network without any other additional operation by people. The multiport RS-422 serial interfaces provided by the main unit of the automatic identification system comply with NMEA-0183 standard and are compatible with all kinds of shipborne sensors.

Powered by 24VDC (+30%~10%), the AIS main unit is compatible with most shipborne power systems. It consumes 12W power on average while the maximum instantaneous one is 40W. This allows our automatic identification system to be used for variety of vessels as well.

The main unit for our automatic identification system is built with a molded shell in compact structure. Thus, it is tightly sealed, offers good heat dissipation, and is capable of long term operation in stringent environments. Also, it features light weight and easy installation.

MKD Unit for the Automatic Identification System
The MKD unit of automatic identification system can interoperate with all types of AIS equipment with international standardized data ports. It has a friendly user interface with bilingual switch between English and Chinese. Meanwhile, MKD unit on the AIS has an HD FSTN display and a vector chart to show the adjacent vessels.

Connection Diagram of Automatic Identification System
MKD data cable
MKD power cable
Main Unit
Main Unit Data and Power Cable
GPS antenna and cable
VHF cable
Serial Ports
Connection Box
Pilot's Port
ECS Port
Long Range Port
Sensor Port 1/2/3
Auxiliary Port
Sensor cable

Specifications of the Automatic Identification System

VHF Specifications Operating Band 156.025MHz ~ 162.025MHz
Channel Bandwidth 25kHz / 12.5kHz
TX Power 12.5W / 1W
RX Sensitivity -107dBm
Modulation GMSK / FM
VHF Antenna Connector BNC
Output Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency Stability ≤±5ppm
Transmitter Attack/Release Time ≤1ms
Spurious Response Rejection 70dB
Internal GPS Module Type 12 channel GPS receiver
Update Rate 1s
Positioning Accuracy <10m
GPS Antenna Connector TNC
Power Input Voltage 24VDC( +30% ~ -10%)
Power Consumption 12W(RX), 40W(TX)
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature -15 ℃ ~ +55℃
Storage Temperature -30 ℃ ~ +70℃
Vibration IEC60945
Damp Heat IEC60945
EMC IEC60945
Interface Characteristics Data Interface RS422 (8 ports)
Baud Rate 4.8/9.6/19.2/38.4kbps configurable
Protocol IEC61162-2, NMEA0183
Physical Characteristics Weight <3.5kg
Size 280(mm) ×16 0(mm) ×125 (mm)

As a specialized AIS automatic identification system manufacturer in China, we also provide AIS transponder, AIS vessel collision avoidance system, non-directional beacon, central monitoring wireless remote control system, and more.

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